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Young Enterprise Solutions for China's Bottom of the Pyramid (YESxBOP) challenges young people ages 18-30 from around the world to develop innovative businesses that address low-income communities in China as consumers, producers, or partners.

Run by Junior Achievement China through the support of the John Templeton Foundation, YESxBOP gives students an opportunity to change the lives of millions through business.


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"BOP" stands for "Bottom of the Pyramid"—the socio-economic pyramid. People living on less than $3,000 per year are included in this group—and make up two thirds of the world’s population! Despite low individual income, they together represent a $5 trillion global market.

To learn more about this unique market, and how you can develop a business that helps this group achieve a higher standard of living while making a profit, click here.

  • "If we can spend the early decades of the 21st century finding approaches that meet the needs of the poor in ways that generate profits and recognition for business, we will have found a sustainable way to reduce poverty in the world."

    -Bill Gates
    Co-founder and chairman of Microsoft, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • "Many of those in the BOP, and perhaps most, pay higher prices for basic goods and services than do wealthier consumers – either in cash or in the effort they must expand to obtain them – and they often receive lower quality as well."

    -The Next 4 Billion. World Resources Institute.

  • "In China’s context, BoP refers to low-income people and disadvantaged groups, including rural villagers with a below-average living standard, the vast population of migrant workers and their children, and the so-called "ant citizens," whose salary barely covers the costs of the reaching a basic living standard in urban areas. By this definition, China's BoP should stand at a minimum of 400 million based on our rough estimation."

    –Tao Zhang, China Impact Fund


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  • Check out the YESxBOP Interviews and Case Studies to learn about entrepreneurs, scholars, and investors in China.

  • Shokay, "Style with a touch of humanity," generates income for many BOP communities at the local level by involving BOP members as producers at every step on the supply chain. Their training, as well as corporate giving structure, further provides community development and empowerment.

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  • YESxBOP Lab
    April and May, 2013

    Preliminary Round Deadline for
    Business Plan
    June 21, 2013

    Final Round
    July 26-28, 2013

    Fall 2013-Spring 2014


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